Huseman & Associates is a highly focused, talented team of collaborative engineers and designers where full and open communication is the key to its success. What exactly do we mean when we use the term “communication” and how do we translate this?

The Huseman process is very specific. First, it mandates integrating our own designs with those of the architect and client. Total communication of every detail of our plans is imperative, which in turn, provides a fully integrated system for the client. Second, every Huseman project is assigned a project manager and team of resourceful engineers who collaborate to execute a cohesive and seamless design. Third, Huseman & Associates is not a typical company comprised of textbook engineers. Rather, this is a hands-on group where sustainable, smart design underscores the company’s success. Huseman engineers know how to think out of the box and make informed decisions because they’ve been involved with every aspect of the project from the beginning.

At Huseman & Associates, mechanical, electrical, lighting and plumbing work together and offer professional guidance to the overall scope of design. Through coordination, consistency of standards, constructible planning and innovation, Huseman & Associates can take every job to a level of expertise that reflects the highest standards of our industry.

Design with the future in mind.



A Louisiana MEP consulting engineering firm serving the New Orleans, Mississippi and Florida areas dedicated
to innovative, sustainable engineering design and the integration of all engineering disciplines.